Why Should I Join BCBA?

To promote the value of your banking franchise.· When situations arise where your community bank's interests are contrary to the interests of larger or differently structured competitors, BCBA will be the only organized voice available to speak for you.· A strong community bank association will work to your benefit, and your membership will strengthen BCBA.

Why should Kentucky have two banking associations?

One advantage of having two associations occurs when they agree on certain issues, as often is the case.· The influence of· their combined opinions magnifies the position taken.· Yet, when an issue arises that is vital expressly to BCBA members, the Association can forcefully present the position of the Kentucky Community Banking Industry, uninfluenced by competing considerations.· It should be noted that most states have two banking associations.

What is the Associations fee structure?

All members pay the same annual dues regardless of bank size.· BCBA is a "non-profit" organization, with dues and event fees structured to achieve a break-even result.· This is possible because of a focused agenda.

What are some of BCBA's benefits to members?

BCBA provides a continuous knowledgeable voice in Frankfort, expressing exclusively the viewpoint and concerns of community banks.· We also schedule outings (golf, thoroughbred racing, etc.) throughout the year for members to socialize and discuss issues of mutual interest, BCBA contracts with endorsed vendors to provide economic and business benefits to members.· When requested by membership, BCBA also initiates and produces educational programs on specialized subjects.

What are BCBA's plans for the future?

We intend to continue and increase our lobbying efforts, both in Kentucky and Nationally in conjunction with the Independent Community Banking Assopciation, at the same time broadening our membership in order to represent the interests of community banking in Kentucky.

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